The New Leaf Health Model

There are many issues that can affect your employees wellbeing and ability to perform at their best. This can impact on absenteeism and presenteeism which in turn can affect your bottom line. With over twenty years of experience in Workplace Wellbeing we are the ideal partner to help you develop and deliver a workplace wellbeing programme that will make your workplace 'Health promoting'. The New Leaf Health model is based on the principles of good practice and evidence based wellbeing approaches. With over twenty years of experience this structured approach is both flexible and adaptable. Our research and development processes ensure that our practices and programme are relevant, current and continuously evolving.


We help you assess your workplace including staff health, culture, leadership, communication and policies


We work with you to develop a workplace wellbeing plan that meets your business and employees wellbeing aims


Through our consultancy, services and training we support the delivery of your wellbeing programme


We will help you put in place the processes required to evaluate the success and challenges of your programme

What Our Clients Say

We are proud of our wide and diverse range of clients, most of whom we have worked with for many of years.

The Education Broker

The New Leaf Team are a pleasure to work with. They
were great at engaging with our delegates and were
enthusiastic throughout the day. Our delegates left
knowing a lot more about their current health and
how to make improvements

GM Fire & Rescue

I have felt the whole experience of working with New
Leaf exciting and rewarding and would completely
recommend their services. You won't be sorry.


New Leaf Health have delivered seamlessly to some of the most complex and logistically challenging of my clients, whats more impressive is the zero failure rate. Their innovation client focus and expertise have consistently placed them as leaders in their field

Our Fresh News

Don’t Believe All That You Read!

There are so many headlines out there which may cause you to feel a bit unsettled, and with reason… until you continue reading that is. How do you know if the headline speaks the truth? Is it an actual fact or is it just a theory? If you continue reading...

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Hug or smack – what’s your approach?

After 25 years of experience in workplace wellbeing it’s clear that there are many approaches to delivery a successful wellbeing programme. Phil Olding from New Leaf Health discusses the pros and cons of each approach. There are many different approaches to developing your wellbeing programme, all covered on the New Leaf...

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New Onsite Vitamin D Testing Service

Recent research suggests 1 in 5 people in the UK has low Vitamin D levels1 New Leaf Health are now delivering a service that will help companies improve the above statistic. This is because between October to March many people will not get enough Vitamin D from sunlight, due to having...

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