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The New Leaf Healths range of onsite services have been developed over the last twenty years and are therefore well tried and tested and guaranteed to be a success at your workplace. They are all designed to support healthy lifestyles and behavior change where necessary. There is wide range to choose from but they are designed to meet basic wellbeing ethics i.e. they are: evidence based, equitable, safe, and can be evaluated.

New Leaf Health Check Point Awareness Day and Rental


A designated wellbeing testing area for employees to establish their health status. During an Awareness Day, the Health Checks are facilitated by one of our experienced practitioners. Individuals receive a printed report and a lifestyle review. Checks Include:

Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Percentage Body Fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat Ratio



A unique and innovative way of offering health checks to your staff. Firstly we train your Wellbeing Champions how to use the equipment and support colleagues with their Health Check. The equipment is then rented and used as required.

You have the option to move the equipment to other sites if required.


New Leaf Health Screens

Wellbeing Health Screens

Our bespoke service enables New Leaf Health clients to design a health screening programme that meets with your organisational needs. Our passion is to ensure that all tests are validated; evidence based, equitable, safe and can be evaluated.

Each screen will take between 10 to 30-minutes to complete with the capacity for each practitioner set at 12 to 50 tests per day.


Screens can include:

Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Body Composition, Waist measurement

To build the perfect health screen for your organisation you simply select any of the additional tests that are available; if the assessment you are interested in is not listed please contact New Leaf Health directly.


New Leaf Health Wellbeing Roadshow and Awareness Days  

New Leaf Health Wellbeing Roadshow

Guaranteed to be fun and engaging. Each pop-up wellbeing zone is facilitated by one of our friendly practitioners and the materials we provide are informative, as well as interactive. Customised to your needs by selecting from our list of health topics.

New Leaf Health Check Point, Stress Management Zone, Be Active Zone, Nutrition Zone, Perfecting Posture Zone, Changing Habits Zone, Smoothie Bike, Cancer Prevention, On-site Chair Massage, Cholesterol and Diabetes test


New Leaf Health Wellbeing Awareness Days

    The Wellbeing Day content is taken from the list below and can be delivered in a variety of methods including: Workshops, Interactive displays, Lunch and Learn. Topics Include:
    1. Stress
    2. Be Active
    3. Nutrition
    4. Musculoskeletal Health
    5. Smoothie Bike
    6. Cancer Prevention
    7. On-site Chair Massage
    8. Cholesterol and Diabetes testing

Stress Management and Onsite Massage 

Stress Management

We have a wide range of services that will have a positive impact on the mental health of your staff. We can deliver stress, resilience and positive energy workshops for staff and managers and we can also provide onsite massage and lifestyle related activities to help support staff in this area.


Onsite Massage

Introducing massage to your employees will make a significant impact at your workplace. It creates immediate relaxation and increases energy levels, alertness and happiness and also helps to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. All our practitioners are very experienced at delivering massage through the individual’s clothing whilst seated in a specially designed chair.


Musculoskeletal Health

Musculoskeletal Health

The aim of this service is to raise awareness on postural weaknesses with a practical proactive approach to stimulate behaviour change. Musculoskeletal issues are a serious problem and without education and postural corrective strategies can cause considerable challenges to health.

Our Practitioner will engage attendees with interactive educational sessions and visual assessments


Task Specific Programmes

We can analyse your workforce’s specific physical movement requirements and design programmes that will maintain good habits, techniques and ways to develop strength and flexibility in the required areas of the body.


Nutrition and Smoothie Bike 

Nutritional Services

Our Nutrition activities are designed to help employees understand the link between their eating habits and personal wellbeing. Our fully qualified practitioner will discuss nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. They will facilitate activities around food groups, portion control and food labelling. The Nutrition Activities will raise awareness of: Health risks, Energy and performance, Hydration, Strategic snacking, Nutritional myths


Smoothie Bike

The smoothie bike zone is a fun and interactive way to promote healthy eating and physical activity. Attendees sit on a bike and pedal, which in turn provides the energy for the blender that makes a fresh fruit smoothie for all to enjoy. We only use fresh, good quality ingredients to ensure our smoothies are always blended to the highest standard. At events, we give practical tips on making delicious smoothies.




Our wellbeing events are a great way to assess need


We have activities for all wellbeing topics


We provide all event, marketing and booking support


All our activities come with manager information reports

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