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Working in isolation, away from managers and colleagues, can add stress to a workforce that is already facing a significant amount of pressure. Likewise, being faced with returning to work after so long can also be challenging given the current circumstances.

From our 20+ years of experience in workplace mental health and wellbeing, New Leaf Health has created several key services to address the mental wellbeing of employees who are working at home, remotely, or are mobile workers. Learn more about these services below.

Employee or manager engaging in CPD certified mental health course.

Employee Mental Health Course

A complete mental health solution for your employees, to help support your organisation’s mental health and wellbeing.

CPD certified manager helping employee with mental health remotely over the phone and video call

Managing Mental Health Course

Give your managers and supervisors the tools to support the mental wellbeing of their teams, as well as themselves.

Employee learning mental health first aid.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Become a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider with this MHFA England course, delivered entirely online by New Leaf Health.

Remote Working Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Employee Mental Health Survey

A tool developed by the NHS and leading UK universities to help you benchmark the mental wellbeing of your organisation.

A Healthy Return To Work

After such a drastic shift in the way we operate, returning back to the workplace will likely be challenging for a lot of organisations. At New Leaf Health, we understand this and have developed a series of services to make the transition as easy as possible and to protect your business in the long-run.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Kits

99% accurate testing with results delivered in just 15 minutes. German-manufactured and CE marked for professional use.

Workplace Employee Flu Clinics

On-site Employee Flu Clinics are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to protect your staff over the winter months.

Employee returning to work after being furloughed sitting at desk with mask on - CPD certified

Your Wellbeing Course

Help your staff return safely from being furloughed to coming back to work, either at home or the office, with this online course.

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