Complete Employee Mental Wellbeing Solutions for Home, Remote and Mobile Workers

Working in isolation, away from managers and colleagues, can add stress to a workforce that is already facing a significant amount of pressure. From our 20+ years of experience in workplace mental health and wellbeing, New Leaf Health has created several key services to address the mental wellbeing of employees who are working at home, remotely, or are mobile workers. Learn more about these services below.

Mental Health Webinar

TALK, LEARN, LISTEN Mental Wellbeing Webinar Course

A complete mental health approach to develop awareness, tackle stress and resilience, and develop support networks.

This mental wellbeing webinar course teaches the skills and strategies we can use every day to improve our mental wellbeing. Across three modules, you will learn about mental health, how you can tackle stress, and also learn to develop support networks in your organisation – an especially useful tool for home and isolated workers.

Talk Mental Health Webinar for Home Workers

TALK Mental Health Awareness Webinar

Mental health education and awareness for the workforce, helping to reduce stigma and improve mental wellbeing.

This course looks at the main mental health issues that face the UK workforce today, especially in these uncertain times, and helps employees to better understand how their own mental health, as well as that of others, works. Additionally, we look at how we can improve our mental health and how we can respond in a crisis.

LEARN Stress and Resilience Webinar

Learn to understand and cope with one of the biggest threats to home workers – stress and pressure.

The LEARN Stress and Resilience Webinar is designed to help you learn to identify and tackle your own personal stressors, as well as understanding the overall effects that stress and pressure can have on your physical and mental wellbeing, both long and short term. This webinar is ideal to support home and isolated workers.

Employee Mental Health Webinar

LISTEN Mental Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S. Webinar

Developing support networks for home and remote workers to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

Attendees learn how to implement the Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S. programme to support one another in the workplace, in addition to learning non-judgmental listening skills and what to do in a mental health crisis. This course is delivered by webinar, and can be broken down into two or three session to suit requirements. Open courses also available.

Remote Working Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Employee Mental Health Survey

A tool to help you benchmark the overall mental wellbeing of your organisation in these uncertain times.

The WEMWBS Employee Mental Health Survey has been developed by a panel of leading experts from the NHS and UK universities and licensed to New Leaf Health to deliver to the workplace. This anonymous survey helps your organisation benchmark the mental wellbeing of your workforce.

Employee Mindfulness Webinar

Employee Mindfulness Webinar

Mindfulness techniques to help you deal with anxiety, worry, overwhelming emotions, and reducing feelings of isolation .

The Employee Mindfulness Webinar offers your employees working from home with opportunity to learn practical mindfulness techniques that can help them cope with negative emotions. These group sessions also help to create connections between teams and co-workers, reducing feelings of isolation and lonliness that may be present.

MHFA Half Day Webinar

MHFA England Mental Health Aware Webinar

The MHFA England Mental Health Aware course delivered to your employees via webinar to bolster understanding of mental health.

The Mental Health Aware course teaches your employees the fundamentals of mental health in the workplace in accordance with MHFA England, the national licensed body for Mental Health First Aid in England. This course is delivered by fully qualified trainers, licensed by MHFA England.

MHFA Training - Two Day Webinar

Become a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider with this MHFA England course, delivered by New Leaf Health.

As a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider, you will be able to support the mental wellbeing of your colleagues and workplace as a whole. This course doesn’t teach you to become a therapist, but does give you the skills to spot the symptoms of mental health problems and to take the necessary steps to guide someone towards further help.

Mental Health Coaching for Employees

Mental Health Coaching

A one-to-one counselling approach for your organisation, using fully trained and licensed counsellors via video call.

Mental wellbeing is a complex and challenging area to address. Many employees experience emotional challenges on a daily basis, some of which are short-term and others that are more deep-rooted and potentially long-term. This one-to-one counselling approach allows your employees to address any issues that they may be experiencing.

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