With over twenty years of experience in Workplace Wellbeing, we are the ideal partner to help you develop and deliver your programme. We offer UK wide consultancy, training and onsite events to improve performance, reduce long-term health risk and reduce costs.

Onsite Events

We specialise in health events, health checks and roadshows UK wide.

New Leaf Health’s range of onsite events have been developed over the last twenty years and are therefore well tried and tested and guaranteed to be a success at your workplace.


Our training will help you change the wellbeing culture of your organisation

We have a range of Workplace Wellbeing training courses to suit whatever your workplace needs. Including; Coordinators Courses, Champions Courses and Mental Health Courses.


In business for over twenty years, we work with over one hundred clients per year.

The New Leaf Health Consultancy Team have vast experience in supporting workplace wellbeing and have designed a range of solutions for variety of clients large, medium and small.

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Workplace Wellbeing products including;

Cholesterol Testing Products, Workplace Wellbeing Courses, NL Health Check Point and Wellbeing Resources.


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Latest Workplace Wellbeing Blogs

How to Talk About Mental Health at Work

Mental health is a tricky subject, and talking about your experiences – even with loved ones – can be incredibly difficult. On Thursday 6th February in the UK we will observe Time to Talk Day 2020; an initiative to get people talking about mental health and creating positive conversations around...

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6 Practical Tips For Reducing Cholesterol

It’s National Cholesterol Month this October, where Heart UK aims to raise awareness around the dangers of high cholesterol. If you keep up with our blog, you’ll know that high cholesterol can increase your risk of developing several serious conditions, including heart attacks and strokes. Anyone is at risk of...

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4 Tips for Leveraging Social Media for Workplace Wellbeing

Social media can be a minefield when it comes to organisations and employees. Encouraging your employees to leverage their own personal networks to promote your company can be a fantastic brand awareness tool. On the other hand, though, setting out the rules for what is and isn’t okay when it...

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