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We are a leading National provider of customised workplace wellbeing consultancy, training and services. We help organisations to maximise employee performance by helping them to identify the negative costs associated with individual health risk. This is achieved by establishing the health status of the company, including the health risks and potentially unhealthy behaviours of individual employees.

Mission Statement

At New Leaf Health our mission is to develop health promoting workplaces that help people and business realise their potential by engaging healthier approaches and reducing health risk. We aim to lead on workplace wellbeing and change peoples lives for the better.


We’re in a peoples business, helping companies provide health promoting and illness preventing environments for UK workers. Our clients rely on us to deliver on our promise. Many have transformed the wellbeing of their staff by our advice and services. Our values and aims ensure that all our services are positive and empowering and everyone involved benefits from the process and outcomes.

Our Values


How we treat our staff and clients matters to us, and we will always look to make a positive difference.


We will have the confidence and knowledge to be leaders, take risks and stand for what we believe


We are proud of what we do and how we do it and Integrity is at our core and will never be compromised


We are accountable for our actions and share our experiences

Our Fantastic Team

Everyone in our team represents the spirit of New Leaf Health: driven, committed and passionate about workplace wellbeing.

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