CardioCheck® Professional Analyser

The CardioChek® Professional Analyser is an easy-to-use point-of-care system ideal for multiple clinical settings. Approved in 2009 by the NHS Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing, it is now extensively used in the NHS Healthchecks program. With over 8000 devices in use within the UK, it is our most popular and best-selling device!

The CardioChek® PA test system is capable of measuring a number of analytes including the total cholesterol, high density lipid (HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose (mmol/L). In addition, the CardioChek® PA system can also calculate cholesterol ratios. Only a small blood sample (15 – 40 µL) is required. Results are delivered in less than 2 minutes so you can make your recommendations to your patient there and then saving you and your patient’s time!

PTS Chol/HDL/Glu Triple Test Panels

The PTS Panel® test strips are designed to be used with the CardioChek® PA as part of the CardioChek® PA test system. 

Using only a small sample of blood a wide range of analytes can be tested in just one test. PTS Panel® CHOL+HDL+GLU Test Strips – Measures Total Cholesterol, HDL, Glucose, and allows calculation of TC/HDL Ratio.

PTS Capillary Tubes

PTS DiagnosticsTM Capillary Tubes provide significant savings over traditional transfer tube technology.

Using a single glass tube with plastic casing, the PTS Diagnostics Capillary Tubes provide consistent self-wicking technology to preset volumes. 15 μL, 30 μL, 40 μL stock available.

PTS HDL Chol/Glucose Test Panels

The PTS Panel® test strips are designed to be used with the CardioChek® PA device as part of the CardioChek® point of care system.

Using 15 – 40 µL of finger-prick or venous whole blood the PTS Panel® test strips can measure a range of single or multiple analytes in just one test.

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