COVID-19 Testing for your Employees

Returning to the workplace will be a daunting prospect for employers and their employees. Providing a safe environment for all will be challenging, but is incredibly important to the wellbeing of your staff, in addition to the long-term success of your organisation.

We have developed a COVID-19 testing programme for the workplace, to include antibody testing in addition to the antigen swab testing. All of these tests are used in professional settings and are approved by the FDA (pending) and Public Health England, offering a range of tests that have a high degree of accuracy.

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COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Your blood sample will be examined for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. These antibodies tend to be found in your blood several days after infection and if present are an indicator that you have previously had COVID-19, which may offer you some level of immunity.

Health worker takes COVID-19 test finger prick blood sample

Point of Care Testing

A 15-minute test carried out in a safe and controlled manner by our healthcare professionals. This ‘gold-standard’ US Food & Drink Administration (pending) and CE approved test is manufactured in Europe and used extensively in hospitals across France and many other countries around the world.

Lab assistant holds COVID-19 test blood sample

Lab Testing

Using the Public Health England approved Roche test, one of our health professionals will take blood samples which will then be sent directly to a lab for analyses; the results will be available within 48 to 72 hours.

COVID-19 Antigen Testing

Health worker takes COVID-19 test swab

COVID-19 Swab Testing

This PCR test, as advised by the World Health Organisation and Public Health England, uses a swab to collect particles from the nose and throat. The swabs are collected and taken to a lab for testing – the results are available within 48 to 72 hours, with a positive test indicating that you currently have COVID-19.

What are the benefits of workplace COVID testing?

Developing a return to work strategy for your employees is a crucial next step in our path towards relative normality and, for most organisations, COVID testing should form part of this strategy.

Giving your colleagues the peace of mind that you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety is a crucial aspect of wellbeing in the current climate and will ultimately help to protect your organisation’s operations and productivity in the long term.

Why choose New Leaf Health?

New Leaf Health has been providing health promotion and wellbeing to workplaces around the UK for over 20 years. Drawing on this experience, we know what it takes to deliver a safe and successful health event.

Working with our expert partners, we are able to deliver trialled and approved tests to help your employees get back to work safely. By choosing New Leaf, not only will you be investing in internationally recognised testing procedures, but we can work with you to help you determine an approach that best suits the needs of your organisation and colleagues.

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