Medically Validated UK-wide Employee Health Checks

This event is a fantastic and interactive way to engage the workforce, giving staff the opportunity to get practical advice around managing their health, helping to reduce health risks and improve positivity in your workplace.

Over the course of a session, attendees establish their key health stats that are all indicators of potential risk for serious health issues.

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Full-Day Event

No. of Attendees

Up to 72


Perfect for the Whole Team


Face-to-Face in Your Workplace


On a Date of Your Choosing


Anonymised Report Included

What our Clients Think

We’ve run Employee Health Check days across seven of our offices and they’ve been a great success. The New Leaf team has been brilliant from start to finish. Our staff very much enjoyed the sessions and found the feedback from the friendly practitioners really helpful.

Wellbeing Lead, ITV

What do attendees learn from the Health Check Point?

Our skilled health practitioner will take attendees through a variety of medically validated tests, including:

  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Body fat, visceral fat and body water scores, plus height and BMI.
  • Metabolic rate and an engaging metabolic age.

Attendees will also receive:

  • Results, review and lifestyle advice and goal-setting.
  • GP referrals for those with at-risk scores, in line with NICE guidelines.

Health Check Point Rental Service

In addition to awareness days, we also offer organisations the ability to rent the equipment to allow staff to test over longer periods of time.

Our Health Check Point rental programme is the perfect way to integrate a cost-effective and highly motivational ongoing wellbeing campaign into your strategy. This pop-up testing zone comes with validated, accurate equipment that is easy to set-up and facilitate – all you need is a dedicated training session for key personnel (or Wellbeing Champions) who will then encourage and assist employees in using the equipment.

Once you have your trained staff in place, you can repeat your rental period as often as you like, allowing your staff access to regular testing – quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly, for example.

The equipment is sent to you packaged in two easily transported wheeled cases that are courier-safe, allowing you to move equipment between sites and around the UK. Equipment includes:

  • Full set of Health Check Point equipment.
  • Set-up and user guides and videos.
  • Resources for the duration of your rental, including the colour-coded
    tracker sheets.
  • Anonymised management report.

Additional Support

You can also purchase Health Check Point Wellbeing Workbooks for your employees. These books allow attendees not only to track their results, but are filled with health and wellbeing advice from nationally-approved sources, and can also be customised to promote your internal wellbeing initiatives and services, such as EAP.

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