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New Leaf Health are leaders in UK employee health checks, testing tens of thousands of staff at UK organisations each year. We offer a variety of options and solutions to suit organisations of all sizes. Click the links below to learn more about our employee health check services, or click above to request a free quote or a brochure.

Health Check Point

Medically validated blood pressure and body composition testing held in your workplace.

This service can be held as a practitioner-led awareness day in your workplace, or the equipment can be rented for staff to retest over extended periods of time. This service is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to learn about some key health stats, and what they can do to improve them, leading to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

Health Screens

Health Screens

Medically validated cholesterol and blood glucose one-to-one testing held in your workplace.

Practitioner-led one-to-one blood testing, through a small finger prick, providing attendees with insight into their cholesterol and blood glucose scores – key indicators of cardiovascular health. Practitioners will give attendees lifestyle advice and guidance to improve their scores and lead healthier lives.

Diabetes Awareness Day

Diabetes Awareness Day

Medically validated blood glucose testing and type 2 diabetes education held in your workplace.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in the UK but, according to Diabetes UK, approximately three in five cases can be prevented or delayed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This awareness day includes blood glucose testing as an indicator of type 2 diabetes, in addition to a lifestyle assessment and guidance in order to help reduce risk.

Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D Testing

Medically validated vitamin D testing, including awareness and lifestyle adive, held in your workplace.

Practitioner-led blood testing, through a small finger prick, providing attendees with their vitamin D score. During winter months, UK adults generally aren’t able to synthesise enough vitamin D from sunlight alone, especially if working indoors, which could lead to a weakening of bones, teeth, muslces and the immune system.

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