Medically Validated UK-wide Employee Health Screens

Health Screening is an excellent way to identify employees who may be at risk of serious cardiovascular issues. These one-to-one assessments involve a small finger-prick to draw a blood sample, which is then analysed in minutes to produce the attendee’s cholesterol and blood glucose scores. These are both key indicators of cardiovascular health, as unmanaged levels can contribute to cardiovascular conditions such as type-2 diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

We have two options available for our Health Screening Service, each giving a different level of insight. View the options below, or click the button to enquire now.

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What our Clients Think

Superb service from the first enquiry through to the delivery of the event itself. James is an excellent practitioner who clearly has in-depth knowledge and a passion for the subject. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Health Screening Days from New Leaf. The feedback we’ve had from our employees has been incredibly positive.

Andy Heslop, Procter & Gamble - Health Screens, June 2021

10-Minute Health Screen

A perfect mini-health check that provides up to 40 x 10-minute assessments per day, which includes:

  • Blood Pressure.
  • Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol Ratio.
  • Blood Glucose.
  • Results, Review and Lifestyle Guidance.

20-Minute Health Screen

A comprehensive review of your employee’s health. This screen offers up to 20 x 20-minute appointments per day and includes the following:

  • Blood Pressure.
  • Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol Ratio.
  • Blood Glucose.
  • Full Body Composition Analysis (body fat, visceral fat, BMI, metabolic age and rate, plus more.)
  • Body Mass Index.
  • Waist Measurement.
  • Results, Review and Lifestyle Guidance.

Event Support

As part of your event, you’ll also receive the following support to help maximise engagement and attendance:

  • Marketing collateral to promote the event.
  • Online booking system.
  • Full logistical support.
  • Anonymised management report – an overview of your workplace’s results to help inform wellbeing strategy.

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