Mental health training courses and services to support your employees

We offer a range of mental health courses and services, from Mental Health First Aid training and Manager Mental Health Training, to private counselling services and mental health benchmarking surveys. See our full range of services below.

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The Managing Mental Health Course

Giving managers and supervisors the knowledge and tools to lead mentally healthy teams.

Employee Mental Health Course

Give your staff the tools to support their own mental wellbeing, as well as that of others.

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Mental Health First Aid Training

Fully-certified half, one-day, two-day and refresher MHFA England training courses, delivered by New Leaf Health.

Suicide First Aid Training Course

Suicide intervention skills that can be applied to personal and professional settings.

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The Employee Mindfulness Course

Give your staff the tools to help deal with fear, uncertainty and change, through mindfulness.

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Employee Mental Health Survey

A medically validated employee survey, developed by the NHS and leading UK universities.

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Workplace Employee Counselling

Vitamin D level testing, along with an awareness and advice session, helping staff who may be at risk of deficiency.

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