Employee Mental Health Survey

Developed by leading experts from UK universities and the NHS, WEMWBS (Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale) has been licensed to New Leaf Health to deliver to organisations UK-wide.

The survey consists of validated questions which employees complete anonymously, ultimately giving a score to the state of mental health in your workplace. People who complete the survey receive immediate feedback on their score, including the next steps to improve mental wellbeing, which can be linked to your existing EAP and internal pathways.

As an organisation, you will be able to understand the mental health scores of various sectors and the demographics of your workforce.

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    Benefits of the WEMWBS Survey

    This survey offers your organisation the ability to remotely gauge the mental wellbeing of your workforce using validated, expert-developed scoring. We often recommend repeating this survey after a set amount of time to assess the change in scores for your workforce, which can help to inform the effectiveness of your mental wellbeing offerings and interventions.

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