Health Track Pro

A Health Track Pro event is an engaging and interactive day. We deliver and set-up the Health Track Pro at your workplace and invite employees to attend through a structured booking system, or with a ‘drop-in’ approach. Boditrax software delivers the data that matters most, anytime, anywhere on any device. Simple, beautiful and intuitive, it securely cloud stores body composition measurements, goal settings and progress tracking for review and interpretation via an engaging dashboard.

Our highly skilled practitioner will take attendees through the assessments and provide a comprehensive lifestyle review to help employees make improvements, or maintain their good scores. Metrics include: blood pressure, weight, segmental muscle and fat total, intra and extra cellular fluids, skeletal and abdominal cavity analysis, metabolic efficiency, metabolic age and cellular performance.

Online Solution

Test results, detailed analysis, goal setting and tracking are all available within our secure cloud environment.

Your colleagues are going to love the Boditrax App that gives them complete access to their results wherever they want, whenever they want.

Event Management

The Health Track Pro can be set-up within 15 minutes anywhere on your site.

The Health Check takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and all participants leave with a personalised report. Your organisation will receive a management report detailing the biometric scores. We provide all the event marketing materials and have an online booking system if required.

Management Information

One of the advantages of this system is that we can provide more accurate and relevant Management Information.

So if employees are checked annually you will be able to see the total weight loss that your wellbeing programme has initiated.

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