Managing Mental Health Course - Delivered at Your Workplace

Line managers are ideally positioned to make the biggest difference to mental health in the workplace. This workshop introduces line managers to the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to create a healthier, more productive workplace.

The workshop is delivered over three sessions, each one introducing an important mental health concept that is explored in detail through interactive hands-on activities and self-reflection in order to provide a deep learning experience. The first session looks at mental ill health, the second examines resilience as a mediator in the relationship between and stress and mental health whilst the third uses embeds changed behaviours through emotional intelligence and practical application of learning.

Introducing Mental Health

The session opens with an exploration of attitudes towards mental health stigma, using high-profile public figures who have shared their own mental health struggles.

Managers learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness and to understand that we all find ourselves on a continuum of mental wellness to mental ill health. Finally managers will learn appropriate intervention approaches.

Pressure and Resilience

The second session examines resilience as a mediator in the relationship between stress and mental health.

Using the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards’ managers will assess workplace stress by building up a picture of the demands, control, support, relationship, roles and change in their own working environments. They will then formulate an action plan to pro-actively improve mental wellbeing in their specific workplace.

Relationship Management

The third session uses effective relationship management and emotional intelligence to embed learning.

Relationship management is a key tool for leadership and management, whilst understanding and improving the use of emotional intelligence in the workplace deliver equally powerful outcomes – building bonds, conflict management, collaborating, influencing and motivation.

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