Training for Managers to Support Staff with Mental Health Issues

The New Leaf Managing Mental Health Course is designed to give your managers and supervisors the knowledge and tools to successfully lead a mentally healthy team.

Through a mix of knowledge and practical skills, delivered via webinar, your managers and supervisors will learn to support their direct reports with their mental wellbeing, which will ultimately help to foster a happier, more productive working environment.

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5 hours

No. of Attendees

Up to 16


Perfect for Managers and Supervisors


Face-to-Face or Webinar




Workpacks Included

What our Attendees Think

The trainer was great. Really enthusiastic and managed to really engaged the participants. A long session for a Friday afternoon, but sufficient breaks to stretch and grab a cup of tea. Time very well spent.

Managing Mental Health Course Delegate - March 2021

Course Learning Objectives

The New Leaf Managing Mental Health Course comprises of four modules, giving your managers a baseline understanding of mental health and the core skills to promote mental wellbeing, as well as contextualising all of this learning from a management perspective.

The course is designed to support your managers to:

  • Improve your emotional intelligence by having higher levels of self-awareness and personal understanding.
  • Understand some of the legislation, guidelines and recommendations that relate to Stress and Mental Health in the workplace.
  • How to Break down stigma and create working conditions and relationships that foster positive mental Health.
  • Recognise the recommendation and referral processes and escalation policy including the management of a mental health crisis.
  • Build trusting relationships by effective listening, understanding how to set boundaries and complying with confidentiality guidelines.
  • Recognise the importance of, and practice personal safety at all times.

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