Training for Managers to Support Staff with Mental Health Issues

This 6 to 7-hour course is designed to support anyone involved in the management of people, such as line managers, supervisors, HR professionals and occupational health staff.

The course will provide practical guidance and give attendees the skills and confidence to have those difficult, and often challenging, conversations around mental health
and wellbeing.

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6 – 7 hours

No. of Attendees

8 – 16


Perfect for Managers and Supervisors


Face-to-Face or Webinar




Workpacks Included

What our Attendees Think

It’s essential for our managers to understand mental health to better support our employees. We have partnered with New Leaf Health to deliver this training, as the course was informative and gave our employees the required skills and knowledge.

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Course Learning Objectives

The New Leaf Managing Mental Health Course comprises of four modules, giving your managers a baseline understanding of mental health and the core skills to promote mental wellbeing, as well as contextualising all of this learning from a management perspective.

The course is designed to support your managers to:

  • Improve emotional intelligence and understanding of mental health at work.
  • Recognise the legislation and guidelines around mental health at work.
  • Learn how to manage stress, improve resilience and break down stigma.
  • Build trusting relationships by effective listening.
  • Know the referral processes and what to do in a crisis.
  • Adopt the mantra of looking after “yourself” as well as others.
  • Recognise how to establish boundaries and understand the principles of safeguarding for vulnerable staff.

The Managing Mental Health Refresher Session

As part of our manager training programme, we also offer refresher sessions.

This 60-minute session has been designed based on the demand from our clients who have previously implemented a mental health training programme for their managers. This session will not only build on their skills and knowledge but also look at the key presenting challenges that managers have been faced with.

In the Refresher Session, managers will:

  • Discuss mental health challenges, including seasonal disorders.
  • Review how to plan a meeting – online or face-to-face.
  • Build on the skills of the listener.
  • Recognise the importance of emotional intelligence.
  • Discuss the key presenting problems/challenges that managers may face in the workplace.
  • Importance of goalsetting.
  • Top tips to improve your mental wellbeing – including mindfulness.
  • State and explain how to support employees who may be in crisis.
  • Discuss the national, local and internal support networks that are linked to mental wellbeing.

To ensure that the training is tailored to the participants of each individual session New Leaf will provide a short, pre-session questionnaire for all managers to complete. Our mental health trainer will then plan these responses into the session, with the aim of improving levels of confidence for managers when dealing with challenging situations.

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