Mental Health Awareness Course for Employees

Delivered onsite, this course is specifically designed for employees to address and reduce mental health issues at work. The course is broken down into three sessions, each one introducing an important mental health concept. The topics are explored through interaction, hands on and self-reflection, providing a deep learning experience.

Employees will be able to explore the various types of mental illness, recognise their signs and symptoms and discuss how they can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health at work and will understand mental health as a continuum from wellness to illness. They will then understand the physiological, emotional and behavioural changes that can occur as part of the stress response and be able to explain and demonstrate how improved resilience can help cope with stress, so that it has a positive effect on their mental health. The delegate will be able to go on and demonstrate emotional intelligence techniques that will improve confidence and communication skills.

Introducing Mental Health

This opens with an exploration of attitudes towards the stigma, using high-profile public figures who have shared their mental health struggles.

Employees learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness and understand that we all find ourselves on a continuum of mental wellness to mental ill health. Finally employees will discuss how they can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in their workplace.

Pressure and Resilience

The second session examines resilience as a mediator in the relationship between stress and mental health.

Using theoretical models and practical methods employees will build a range of tools that will help them reduce the impact of stress and improve mental health. They will then formulate an action plan to pro-actively improve mental wellbeing in their specific workplace.

Relationship Management

Places of work are very social environments and relationships are an important factor for the
success of any collaborative work.

This session will assist employees to become more self aware of their own emotions and that of their colleagues. They will be given tools to help them respond instead of reacting and will learn techniques that will help them communicate more effectively.

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