Managing Mental Health for Line Managers

Line Managers are ideally positioned to make the biggest difference to mental health in the workplace. This workshop introduces line managers to the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and equips them with the knowledge and skills  to create a healthier, more productive workplace. We offer onsite courses delivered at your place of work, or open courses held locally that you can send your Line Managers to.

Mental Health Awareness Course for Employees

Delivered onsite, this course is specifically designed for employees to address and reduce mental health issues at work. The course is broken down into three sessions, each one introducing an important mental health concept. The topics are explored through interaction, hands on and self-reflection, providing a deep learning experience.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Delivered over two days onsite, the adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course teaches people to spot the symptoms of mental health issues, offer initial help and guide a person towards support. On completion attendees will qualify as Mental Health First Aiders.

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