Mental Health Interactive Display

Delivered onsite, this interactive display is specifically designed for employees to address and reduce mental health issues at work.

Employees will be able to explore the various types of mental illness, recognise their signs and symptoms and discuss how they can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health at work and will understand mental health as a continuum from wellness to illness. They will then understand the physiological, emotional and behavioural changes that can occur as part of the stress response and be able to explain and demonstrate how improved resilience can help cope with stress, so that it has a positive effect on their mental health.

The aim of the interactive display is for attendees to learn to:

• Describe the main types of mental illness and to recognise the signs and symptoms in themselves and colleague

• Understand mental health as a continuum from wellness to illness

• Discuss the stigma attached to mental illness in their workplace and to understand their personal attitude to mental health and how it affects how they communicate to colleagues

• Explain how personal resilience helps them cope with stress and therefore has a positive effect on their mental health

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