Mental health and wellbeing are both highly important aspects of all individuals lives and addressing this in the workplace in a proactive and supportive manner is an excellent way to show commitment to your employees and reduce the potential impact of mental ill health in the workplace and beyond. New Leaf Health will work with you to develop your current mental health and wellbeing programme, with a view to creating a culture of understanding and support in the workplace.

We offer three key services as follows: Mental Health Training Courses, Mental Health Interactive Display and finally the Mental Health First Aid Training Course. These services are catered to slightly different audiences within the workplace, meaning your programme will benefit all employees, suiting a range of budgets, employee numbers and time frames. Our services will help your employees spot the early signs and symptoms of mental ill health and feel empowered to help each other. Therefore, equipping your employees with the knowledge and understanding of mental health is essential to ensure that help and guidance is available to those that are already suffering from mental ill health. New Leaf Health believe that prevention is better than cure and addressing mental health at all levels of the business is a proactive way to help deal with this aspect of employee wellbeing.

Mental Health Courses

Whatever your mental health needs, we have a course for you. View our courses available to see which one would best suit your business.

Mental Health Interactive Display

Delivered onsite, this interactive display is specifically designed for employees to address and reduce mental health issues at work.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Delivered regionally this two-day course is specifically designed to train employees to become Mental Health First Aiders.

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