What is the Employee Mindfulness Webinar?

In this time of uncertainty and fear, how to deal with the changes that are happening to our everyday lives is vitally important to our mental wellbeing. We have no control over what is happening in terms of the threat of Covid-19 but we have the means to control how we respond to it. Mindfulness practice allows us to do just that.

These 2 x 30 minute Mindfulness sessions are specifically tailored to provide your home workers with mindfulness techniques that will help them to deal with anxiety, worry and any overwhelming emotions while also helping to reduce their feelings of isolation. The group sessions will provide them with the opportunity to feel connected to their team/co-workers , leaving them feeling less isolated and with a sense of purpose as the mindfulness techniques can be weaved into their day to day lives. Mindfulness skills will help strengthen their resilience, focus and increase their concentration levels.

Whether your employees are complete beginners who would like to take 30 minutes in their day to pause and reset from all that is going on around, or if they are already practising Mindfulness and would like the opportunity to practice with others, these sessions will benefit their mental wellbeing which is so important during these difficult times.

Session 1

  • Introduction to Mindfulness & its benefits
  • Getting out of auto-pilot with its unhelpful ways of thinking & feeling
  • Is there a right & wrong way to practice Mindfulness?
  • Gathering the Scattered Mind – a 3-minute breathing exercise for when you are feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed
  • Practising Gratitude-how practising gratitude can help us to cope with challenging times such as these.

Session 2

  • Recap of session 1 and the Benefits of Mindfulness
  • 3-minute Breathing Exercise
  • Progressive Relaxation of all Muscle Groups
  • Sitting Practice- Extending our Mindfulness practice
  • How we can practice everyday mindfulness when social-distancing/self-isolation

What are the benefits of the Employee Mindfulness Webinar?

Many workers are struggling to cope with the challenges of working from home; the change in routinethe impact of social isolation and the uncertainty of the situation  …and that’s not including having to balance work with caring for their children or with worrying about parents and their vulnerability during this crisis. Covid-19 and the drastic change to our daily lives will have short and long term impact on workers mental health and having the right support and tools at the right time will be crucial to mitigate the negative impact of this.

Home worker mindfulness

Why choose New Leaf Health?

New Leaf Health is experienced in delivering employee mindfulness in corporate settings, and our specialised trainers have been delivering and self-practising mindfulness for many years.

We have been delivering mental wellbeing to the workplace for over 20 years and understand the importance of having a mentally healthy and productive team, especially in unprecedented times of worry and anxiety.

“I really enjoyed the session I attended, I feel like I did get a lot out of it in terms of tips and tools to use in everyday life. I also felt calm and refreshed coming out of the session after we practiced a couple of relaxation techniques.”

-Mindfulness Workshop Attendee

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