Workplace Wellbeing Coordinators Course

7 December, 2017

Would you like to enhance your theory and evidence-based knowledge of the management of health and wellbeing at work? New Leaf Health’s Workplace Wellbeing Coordinators Course may be of great use.

As one delegate said “If you’re thinking of putting a Health & Wellbeing strategy in place or refreshing the one you have, then this is the course for you. It’s lively, thought-provoking, informative and fun.”

Attendees are welcome from all professional groups which could include:Wellbeing Leads, Health and Safety Practitioners, Human Resource professionals, Senior Managers, and staff that have been tasked with the company’s wellbeing.

As a highly valued candidate, you will be given a comprehensive guidebook, the slide decks used throughout the event and the opportunity to test your health with our ever-popular equipment and practitioners. Tag along with us to our next course in January. We can guarantee it will be an “excellent” day.

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