4 Tips for Leveraging Social Media for Workplace Wellbeing

14 August, 2019

Social media can be a minefield when it comes to organisations and employees. Encouraging your employees to leverage their own personal networks to promote your company can be a fantastic brand awareness tool. On the other hand, though, setting out the rules for what is and isn’t okay when it comes to personal social media accounts and your business can be incredibly difficult to balance and monitor effectively.

One thing you can rely on social media for, however, is its effectiveness in promoting wellbeing amongst your employees and leveraging that to promote your brand as a result. Here are four great tips that you can use to promote wellbeing to your employees using social media, giving your brand a boost as a result.

Groups are great for wellbeing

One of the key components of any successful wellbeing campaign is engagement. If you’re looking to help your colleagues become more physically active, but no one is behind the idea, you’re no better off than where you started. Here at New Leaf Health, all of our events come with a PDF printable poster and an online booking system with email reminders, to ensure that it’s a) easy for employees to understand the event and b) that they actually remember to turn up. But we’re not just talking about an event here – we’re talking about wellbeing in general. And that’s where social media groups come in.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have excellent group features. Both networks allow you to create a public or private group, set admins (i.e. your Wellbeing Champions) and post regular content to your group members. You can create a group and encourage your Champions to invite as many colleagues as possible. Your Champions can then encourage those colleagues to invite more colleagues and so on – in theory, you should be able to reach your whole organisation, no matter how large.

Now that you have a hub for wellbeing, you can get posting! Traditionally, you may be tempted to email around campaign ideas, or plaster them on noticeboards. The problem with this approach is that it roots the wellbeing initiative firmly in a workplace setting, meaning that wellbeing may start to feel like a job or task. Creating a buzz on social media, however, adds a more social element to the initiatives, making things feel a little less corporate, whilst still keeping it all controlled and relatively formal.

The other benefit is that your colleagues will take these groups home with them. Assuming they log off their emails and clock out at 5pm every day, that’s a whole evening away from work. But you can say with relative certainty that your colleagues will be checking their social media profiles all night long, and a company wellbeing group is the perfect way to leverage that time.

Utilise a hashtag

A group is great for reaching your current employees and telling them about your campaigns, but when you’re actually holding successful wellbeing campaigns, how do you shout about it to the rest of the world? An international study, reported on by Forbes last year, revealed that employees more than ever are looking for a commitment to health and wellbeing from employers. Showcasing your wellbeing initiatives on your company social media pages, therefore, is a fantastic advert for potential candidates who may be looking at your company as a potential employer, allowing you to attract high-quality talent.

Creating a company wellbeing hashtag is a perfect way to keep all of these initiatives in one place, and easily searchable. Imagine it as a list of all of the fantastic opportunities and events that you create for your employees. Say you’re a construction company, for example, called Very Good Building Co. Creating the hashtag #VeryGoodCares and adding it to all of your posts relating wellbeing adds a unique marker to this content. When someone clicks on this hashtag they get to view all of the wellbeing content that you’ve posted using this hashtag – is there really a better advert for how great your company is?

The best part about this is that it works on multiple levels. If a curious staff member sees the hashtag and engages, you have another employee who might want to get involved with your wellbeing campaigns. If a job seeker engages, you’ve shown them, without any active effort, how great it is to be an employee of your company. Finally, if anyone else clicks it, you’ve just gained a little bit of positive PR for your brand.

Shouting about your wellbeing campaigns on social media is an absolute no-brainer, and maximising your audience engagement should be a primary focus. Which brings us to our next point…

Use your employees as wellbeing ambassadors

Being a Wellbeing Champion requires an active effort and desire to promote wellbeing. All of the Wellbeing Champions that New Leaf Health has trained are workplace volunteers who dedicate part of their working time to promoting their organisation’s wellbeing campaigns and initiatives. Naturally, not all of your staff are going to want to be Wellbeing Champions, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get involved in the promotion of your wellbeing campaigns. Providing your staff with the motive and means (don’t worry, we’re still talking about wellbeing here…) to shout about their involvement in wellbeing can be fairly straightforward, and mutually beneficial.

Personal social media is a fairly narcissistic affair – in a nice way, of course. It’s essentially a billboard for a person, so giving someone the opportunity to talk about something great they’re doing seems like a no brainer. Say that your organisation hosts a lunchtime walking club that 10 staff members regularly attend. Simply getting a photo of those staff members out on their walk and posting on your company page (with their permission, of course), creates an opportunity for 10 people to share that message with their social networks – so let them know! Telling them that you’ve posted the content (whether that be via email or your handy wellbeing group), and asking them to share the post presents them with an opportunity to tell their social networks that they’re working on improving themselves through physical activity. Add in a couple of unique company hashtags, as discussed above, and now you’ve got some mutually beneficial brand awareness going on!

On top of all that, the validation from having your own employees shout about your organisation is the kind of PR that you can’t buy.

Some of your best ideas may come from someone else – so get networking!

One of the best things about social media is that the network always wants you to be discovering new things. Whether it’s a Facebook group to join, or a LinkedIn connection to make, there’s always a new way to grow your network. And you should absolutely take advantage of that, especially on the groups front.

LinkedIn is home to a wealth of groups filled with Wellbeing Coordinators, Wellbeing Champions, and people who just participate in wellbeing. And they’re all sharing new campaigns, initiatives and news, as well as discussing the problems and issues that they’re presented with relating wellbeing. Join some groups, get involved with the discussion, and keep developing your ideas and initiatives. You’ll meet like-minded professionals facing the same challenges, and who knows, somebody out there might have already solved your most recent problem!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, New Leaf Health has a Workplace Wellbeing Networking Group where we share the latest industry news, tips, and even free wellbeing resources for you to use in your campaigns. The group’s members include our staff and current clients, as well as professionals that we have trained on our Workplace Wellbeing Coordinators Course, giving them the tools to develop a company wellbeing strategy.


Remember, social media is all about the social element. Taking the time to build networks of people around your organisation’s wellbeing campaigns will be key to the success of your initiatives. Hopefully, these tips will get you on the right path to creating a happier, healthier workplace through employee wellbeing.

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