Is Your Workplace Causing Ill Mental Health?

25 September, 2018

Dealing with ill mental health is one of the most challenging prospects for UK employers presently, with already alarming figures set to rise in the near future. Unlike a cold or back pain, the signs and symptoms of ill mental health don’t always present in an obvious manner, and can be incredibly difficult to identify – especially in a workplace environment.

How common is ill mental health?


Fig. 1 – Causes of workplace stress, depression and anxiety in the working environment Source:

Looking as far far back as 2012 (Fig 1), HSE noted that an average of 44% of cases of stress, depression or anxiety in the workplace are caused simply by an employees workload, with a lack of support, and even violence and bullying contributing an alarmingly high percentage to these figures.

Regardless of the cause of ill mental health, it’s clear that workplaces must adapt and change to suit a world where mental health issues are more commonplace, and work towards promoting total employee wellbeing within the workplace – this not only leads to happier, healthier employees, but can also reduce the associated costs of illness to employers.

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If you want to learn more about how your business can adapt to face the challenges, both to employees and employers, of mental health issues, New Leaf Health can help.

We offer workshops for both employees and employers, delivered on-site. These courses look at identifying and tackling mental health problems within the workplace, with the aim of reducing mental health issues at work, and creating a positive plan to take forward.

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Don’t forget: World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018!

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