Know Your Numbers Event

2 August, 2017

In May 2017, New Leaf Health’s highly experienced Practitioners, led by Wellbeing Trainer Andy Lee O’Neil, delivered a total of 256 health checks to The Phoenix Group employees at their Birmingham and London offices.


The various assessments delivered during the programme ranged from cholesterol and blood glucose, to blood pressure and all elements of body composition testing; ensuring each test was validated, evidence based, equitable and safe.


Individuals received a printed report and a full lifestyle review in relation to their results, this contributed to the ‘goal setting’ session in which they could discuss expert knowledge on causes and solutions with Practitioners, based on their results from the day – GP referrals were communicated if necessary. All questions were welcomed and encouraged, allowing attendees to leave with a confident understanding of their results.


A variety of handouts were accessible for the duration of the day, including comprehensive fact sheets and a bespoke wellbeing booklet to provide additional information in regards to health and wellbeing.


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