KYN Week – September 2018, Book Your Health Checks Now!

9 July, 2018

Know Your Numbers Week
10th – 16th September

This year Blood Pressure UK are asking – ‘Do you KNOW YOUR risks of high blood pressure NUMBERS?’ Blood Pressure UK are advising everyone to get their BP checked, to ensure that treatment is made available as early as possible to try and reduce risk!


Facts about high BP:

  • Over 1 in 4 adults have high BP
  • Many people are unaware that their BP is high
  • Health risks from having high BP can range from a variety of heart problems, with potential life-threatening implications
  • High BP is largely preventable and often a result of poor lifestyle choices, risks significantly reduce if the following steps are taken: you become more physically active, you limit your alcohol and caffeine intake, you quit smoking, eat a more balanced diet and limit your salt intake
    NHS (2016)


How many of your employees are aware of the risks associated with high BP numbers, or are even aware of their own results?


Addressing BP in the workplace?

  • Implement a wellbeing policy, with clear health objectives
  • Encourage onsite sports / activities and competitions between departments
  • Ensure that your canteen is providing healthy options, why not make healthier food cheaper to encourage uptake
  • Ask your employees how they feel the workplace can support them with making healthier choices!
  • Go smoke free – book a Stop Smoking programme now! Email for more information or drop us a call on 01384 877 855
  • Host a wellbeing day, such as physical activity, or nutrition workshops: New Leaf Health Wellbeing Roadshow
  • Why not allow your employees to take control of their own health numbers by hosting regular health check days?
    Results include but are not limited to; blood pressure, BMI, total body fat and muscle mass.
    For more information please click here.


“Good health IS good business.”
Paul Drechsler, Chairman/CEO, Wates Group Limited

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