Leading the way in Leadership Training for Workplace Wellbeing

5 October, 2016

Leading the way in Leadership Training for Workplace Wellbeing 

With the average worker spending over 60% of their life at work and with increasing levels of sickness, absence and presentism; there has never been a better time to develop a workplace wellbeing strategy.

More and more companies are now investing in their employees’ health and wellbeing reducing risk and boosting productivity.  Protecting employees is both essential and rewarding; this shows an employer cares about its workforce.

The question is how do you start this process? In order to develop the right workplace wellbeing programme, you must start by reviewing your wellbeing requirements including your relevant polices, strategies, wellbeing activities and training requirements. Identifying gaps and possible opportunities are essential to achieve your business goals.

New Leaf Health are UK leaders in Workplace Wellbeing and have been developing wellbeing solutions for over twenty years. New Leaf Health Consultant, Phil Olding says “building a wellbeing framework is key to success, at New Leaf we look at how we can develop the leadership, culture and communication aspects of your wellbeing strategy”

On the 22nd March 2017 the first Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Training Course, will be held at the Learning Tree, Euston in London. The course will help staff that have been tasked to implement the design, delivery and evaluation of their company workplace wellbeing strategy.

New Leaf Health Consultant, Phil Olding says “it’s time for companies to look at preventative wellbeing approaches and invest in the future of their people and business. This has to start with a systematic approach that ensures success both at employee level and the aspirations of the business. The Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Course is the perfect opportunity to help Wellbeing Leads start this journey.”

This one day course costs £295 plus VAT and includes a comprehensive Wellbeing Support Pack and full access to the E-learning Centre.

The course is focused on the integration of workplace health and wellbeing at the strategic and practical implementation level. The content is delivered by leading experts and will help attendees enhance their theory and evidence based knowledge of the management of health and wellbeing at work.

For more details, email jenny@newleafhealth.co.uk.

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