Vitamin D Deficiency Will Be Affecting Your Employees

8 November, 2017

Onsite Vitamin D Testing

– Part of the New Leaf Health Winter Protection Programme​


“Help your employees to take control – the results are life-changing


Vitamin D deficiency is being increasingly linked to many more health conditions than bone health alone.


The symptoms are difficult to diagnose and could include:
  • Getting Sick or Infected Often – (the common cold)
  • Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Bone and Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Impaired Wound Healing
  • Bone Loss
  • Hair Loss
  • Muscle Pain


Why not help your employees take control with our onsite Point of Care Vitamin D testing programme? We will provide results within 15-minutes and a comprehensive feedback session on managing Vitamin D levels with a full GP referral process for those that are deficient.


During our launch programme last year at one site alone we completed close to 200 assessments. We identified a high level of employees that needed to address their poor levels of Vitamin D and there was a high percentage of GP referrals initiated.


“I expected to be a little low but not as bad as I was; however, I was put at ease by the tester and I am now confident that I can improve my score by visiting my GP for a Vitamin D boost.”
– Phoenix Group
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