Would Donald Trump make a good Workplace Wellbeing Champion?

21 June, 2016

You have decided to use wellbeing champion as a way of communicating your wellbeing message and to improve local wellbeing cultures and behaviours. Phil Olding from New Leaf Health discusses some of the recruitment decisions and issues you will need to consider.

You may ask yourself is it necessary to have the office fitness fanatic as a wellbeing champion? Recently when reviewing the health status of US presidents it was stated that if elected Donald Trump would be the healthiest President in recent history. This was based on his biometric assessment, health behaviours and absence of disease. However would he make an effective Workplace Wellbeing Champion?

Top five tips for Recruiting Wellbeing Champions

When recruiting Wellbeing Champions it is important to follow the principles of Health Promotion these include:

  • Make sure that the Champion is not likely to cause harm, be it physically, socially or mentally
  • It is better to have a volunteer than nominating a champion, so make the role sound appealing
  • Show equality in your recruitment, having a wide and diverse range of champions sends out a very strong message about the inclusion of the programme
  • Have a clear role, training and support mechanism for your champions
  • Make the first wellbeing activity a success. This will give them the confidence to continue.


So what about Donald Trump as a company Wellbeing Champion

It is worth noting that the physicians report didn’t consider his mental health! On one hand having senior management as a wellbeing champion is an absolute asset and I am sure his skills of marketing and social engineering might be valuable. However, I believe that the first point about equality and not causing harm would be an issue to cause concern.

When recruiting, it is vital to establish the champions motivation for getting involved. One of the main requirements is to understand the complexities of wellbeing and support staff to reach their own personal wellbeing goals.

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