We provide the Health Check Point Programme to businesses large and small, single or multi-sited and importantly bespoke solutions for regional teams and those homeworkers who often miss out.

We have established that, regardless of ‘sector’, employees really do value having the ability to know and track their health numbers. The evidence also suggests that individuals are more likely to make lifestyle changes if they are made aware that their personal numbers are either putting them at risk, or affecting their performance at either ‘work, rest or play’.

Health Check Point is available as an awareness day, or as a rental programme with Workplace Champion training available. See below for options.

What's Assessed

The health check only takes a few minutes to carry out, but the amount of data the participant receives in that time is in depth and incredibly accurate. Some of the key
numbers your employees will obtain are:

  • Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Body Fat %
  • Visceral Fat Rating
  • Muscle Mass
  • Total Body Water %
  • Weight and Body Mass Index
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Metabolic Age

Health Check Point Options

The New Leaf Health Check Point Awareness Day is an excellent interactive event that is set-up within your workplace for your employees to attend. Participants will undertake a biometric health check to know their health numbers, including a fully validated blood pressure test.

The Health Check Point is a software-based approach that doesn’t require online access or any personal information. Each participant receives a comprehensive print out of their results and an A4 tracker sheet to increase awareness and initiate goal setting.

Engagement levels are always high and your event can be structured using manual or online bookings, or a random drop-in approach. This event works brilliantly well on its own, or as part of a larger onsite wellbeing day. If you are involved in setting up national or regional training days/conferences for your business this is a great way
of weaving wellbeing into your itinerary for the day.

If you decide to rent our Health Check Point you will need to book a training day as part of your launch programme. The initial phase of the day would be allocated to train your champions/volunteers on how to set-up and pack away the equipment safely and securely. The practitioner will then demonstrate how to use the equipment, explain the results and train your volunteers/champions on the testing procedures and protocols.

There will also be time for the practitioner to carry out testing with your employees, providing an opportunity for the volunteers/champions to work alongside them; consolidating their learning and increasing familiarity.

We have been able to create a rental option that can be sent anywhere in the world for minimal costs and be administered by onsite wellbeing champions. This life-changing approach has empowered organisations to manage their own testing and retesting programmes in the knowledge that all assessments provide great accuracy and a robust referral pathway.

Our software ensures that all data is captured anonymously, removing the need for online connectivity and the risk of any data protection breaches. This unique approach offers full access to all employees and contractors regardless of shift patterns or site locations. It allows them to track their health numbers and set goals to reduce potential modifiable risk factors. You can rent your Health Check Point from 1-week to 1-year and send it to any location for employees to access, all you need is an electrical supply, a small table and a chair.

Event Support Package

An eye-catching poster that you can print and display around the workplace advertising the details of the event. Perfect for break rooms, staff intranet and digital displays.

A cloud-based booking system enabling staff to book their appointment by clicking a link and registering a few details. Offline booking sheets are also available.

Our Operations Team provide dedicated support in the run-up to the day, ensuring everything is in place to make the event run as smoothly as possible.

Following the event, we produce an anonymised management report that shows the results of any checks that take place on the day, which can be used to identify any health concerns that may be prevailing across the organisation.

“We’ve run Health Check Point days across seven of our offices and they’ve been a great success. The New Leaf team has been brilliant from start to finish. Our staff very much enjoyed the sessions and found the feedback from the friendly practitioners really helpful.”


“Being our third year having New Leaf Health at our Health & Wellbeing event for staff, the health checks and the team were great as usual!”

Havant & South Downs College

"Once again a great service from New Leaf Health. This is the second time we have used them and will do so again in the future. They are a pleasure to work with and always get great employee participation when they hold an event."

AQA Education Ltd

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