A Healthy Return to Work

After such a drastic shift in the way we operate, returning back to the workplace will likely be challenging for a lot of organisations. At New Leaf Health, we understand this and have developed a series of services to make the transition as easy as possible and to protect your business in the long-run.

Health worker takes COVID-19 test swab

Workplace COVID-19 Testing Programme

Ensure that your organisation is protected and that your staff feel confident to return to the work – PHE and W.H.O. approved tests.

Employee receives flu vaccine at workplace flu clinic

Workplace Employee Flu Clinics

Protection from the flu is now more important than ever. Book your workplace-based COVID-compliant clinic for September onwards.

Employee returning to work after being furloughed sitting at desk with mask on - CPD certified

Your Wellbeing Training Course

Help your staff return safely from being furloughed to coming back to work, either at home or the office, with this online course.

Online Mental Health Services

Whether your business needs a bit longer at home, or your colleagues are feeling the effects of such drastic shifts in working, our online mental health services are here to help.

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