New Leaf Health Wellbeing Roadshow

A New Leaf Wellbeing Roadshow is an effective method of creating a whole site impact. It is highly visual, interactive and personal. It deals with all the lifestyle issues associated with positive health and therefore will be of interest to all employees.  The roadshow includes a series of wellbeing zones that employees visit; either by drop-in, or through a structured appointment. You can build your roadshow by selecting from the following zones:

Health Check Point

The health check is facilitated by one of our skilled wellbeing practitioners and only takes a few minutes to complete. Each attendee receives a lifestyle review, a results printout and wellbeing handouts. After the event you will receive a management report with anonymised data.

Cholesterol Testing

Cholesterol and Diabetes Testing is a great way to engage your employees in their health and wellbeing, creating the perfect environment to discuss other lifestyle behaviours such as physical activity, smoking, alcohol and diet.


The Nutrition Zone is designed to help employees understand the link between their eating habits and personal wellbeing. Our fully qualified practitioner will discuss nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. They will facilitate activities around food groups, portion control and food labelling.

Stress Management

The Stress Management Zone will raise awareness on how to recognise pressure and build resilience. Stress can manifest itself in many ways including physically and psychologically. Attendees will learn how to identify personal stressors and practice coping strategies to help reduce both the causes and effects of stress.

Woman Receives a New Leaf Health Screening

Physical Activity

The Physical Activity Zone is a great way to engage your employees in wellbeing. Our practitioners are skilled at creating a real buzz in your workplace and helping people break down some of the barriers that becoming physically active can present.

Cancer Awareness

This is an interactive zone, which enables participants to discover the lifestyle related risks associated with cancer. One in two people in the UK will develop cancer during their lifetime. It is important that we raise awareness as lifestyle and early detection are vital for reducing the risk and can also increase the chances of a controlled recovery.


The aim of this zone is to raise awareness on postural weaknesses, with a practical proactive approach to stimulate behaviour change. We use core stability balls, resistance bands and postural models to engage with the attendees.

Smoking and Alcohol

This fun and interactive awareness zone is a great way of engaging employees in a non-intrusive manner to discuss the risks around smoking and alcohol. We facilitate ‘beer goggles’ and ‘pour-a-drink’ activities and carry out carbon monoxide testing to support goal setting around changing the habits that could be affecting long-term health risks.

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