Stressband Biofeedback Band Enhances Relaxation

Stressband is designed to help you practice relaxation techniques that will work for you. Stressband provides biofeedback that will help reinforce how simple relaxation techniques can make a difference.

How Does Stressband Monitor Stress?

Stressband monitors skin temperature changes which are due to fluctuations in the amount of blood flowing through the skin. If you are tense the skin gets cooler and Stressband will appear black or brown. If you are calm your skin is warm and Stressband will appear green, blue or violet.

How To Test Your Skin Temperature

Make sure the metal clip has been touching your skin long enough to pick up your skin temperature; ten minutes or so should be fine. 

The product is designed for use indoors, out of direct sunlight, when the room’s ambient temperature is between 20-25C˚. Now place your finger on the black strip next to the colour chart for 5-10 seconds next and this should change colour.

How Stressband Can Help You Relax

Follow these simple steps to get the best from your relaxation techniques and Stressband:

Check your baseline colour. Let’s find your starting point; this will help demonstrate the physiological changes that will occur when you start your relaxation techniques. Find a quiet and comfortable room with seating without phones and other sources of distraction (loosen clothing if necessary).

See What Others Had To Say

“I really can’t believe what I was seeing. I even wore it whilst at home in the evening. You could see the colour change once I was at home after a few hours. It is simply amazing.

It does go to prove that work does stress people out. But it also showed that I wasn’t stressed all the time at work, which I am not. Times when I was sat thinking, I had a look at the band to see what colour it was, and once I had thought about how I was feeling, it was true. I shall be recommending these bands to the rest of my team.”

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