The Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S Course

The Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S Course is designed to train your Wellbeing Champions or Mental Health First Aiders to have a holistic workplace wellbeing role, by having both mental health and physical health conversations. They will also learn how to promote wellbeing locally and will become the face of your workplace wellbeing programme.

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Course learning objectives

This course will give your employees the skills and knowledge to:

  • Describe the principles of health, wellbeing and behaviour change and identify common signs and symptoms associated with mental and physical ill-health.
  • Define the principle of safeguarding for vulnerable staff and define how to respond to the risk of self-harm or suicide.
  • State ways they can lead wellbeing locally and support the wellbeing of individuals with specific conditions. They will also learn how to organise effective wellbeing campaigns.
  • Define how to manage the boundaries and relationships with colleagues and how to have wellbeing conversations.
  • List internal and external sources of support for their colleagues and themselves.
  • Define ways that your wellbeing programme can impact positively on staff health and wellbeing.
  • List ways they can help reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with physical and mental health.

Benefits of The Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S Course

Promoting your wellbeing programme is integral to its continued success. Giving your Champions and Mental Health First Aiders the right tools and language to effectively communicate the principles behind it, as well as ensuring it’s executed successfully, is crucial to the overall wellbeing of your workforce.

The Wellbeing B.U.D.I.E.S Course gives your staff the right tools and knowledge to work together to promote your programme.

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New Leaf Health has been providing health promotion and wellbeing to workplaces around the UK for over 25 years. Drawing on this experience, we know what it takes to make a training session interactive, engaging and successful.

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