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Workplace Wellbeing Strategic Development Course

This course is designed for Occupational Health staff that have been tasked to implement or support the design, delivery and evaluation of their company workplace wellbeing strategy. The course is delivered face-to-face at one day open courses throughout the UK. The course is focused on the integration of workplace health and wellbeing at the strategic and practical implementation level. The content is delivered by leading experts and supplemented by a comprehensive Training Guide.

Workplace Wellbeing

During the course attendees will consider what health means to them and their colleagues and how their role of wellbeing lead can help to influence their working lives. It also looks at the ethics, values and contemporary views of wellbeing programmes.

Building Your Case

Your workplace provides an ideal location in which to promote healthy lifestyles. You will cover making your business case for a workplace health programme. It provides practical examples of how to build the case financially, ethically and practically.


You will consider different approaches, interventions and develop ideas for your company wellbeing programme. You will also study relevant lifestyle behaviours, identify how you can influence at a local level and look at developing a communications plan.

Programme Evaluation

This session will help you implement a robust evaluation process. Identifying what success looks like is a good place to start. You will consider who and how the data will be used. The final section looks at how to dashboard/refine your evaluation reporting process.

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